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CIX Crypto Visa Card
The CIX Card is more than just a crypto card; it's your gateway to a world of financial freedom. Our CIX Card is a digital debit card seamlessly integrated with the Visa payment system. Backed by Visa's robust security and fraud prevention, it empowers you to manage your digital assets like never before.

CIX Card: Your All-in-One Digital Companion

The CIX Card is designed for a seamless financial experience, offering instant top-ups, online and in-store purchases, contactless payments and mobile wallet compatibility. Top up with USDT, spend in USD, and make secure payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Track your expenses and receive real-time spending notifications, all conveniently managed through your CI dashboard.

CIX Card benefits
No Monthly Fees
Enjoy zero monthly fees – it's free to get and use.
Global Acceptance
Accepted worldwide, making it your go-to payment solution.

Mobile Wallet
Seamlessly link with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung
Low Top-Up
Benefit from cost-effective transactions with minimal top-up fees.
Track your spending with real-time notifications
Easily monitor your spending by accessing your payment history within your CI dashboard. Receive instant notifications for each transaction you make.
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Trusted & Secure

From online shopping to in-store purchases, Centurion Invest and Visa keep your transactions safe.

Backed by Visa security & fraud prevention

Block and unblock your card with a tap

Extra 3DS protection for an added layer of security
Key CIX Card Details

Availability Worldwide
Monthly subscription fees Free
TOP-UP 1.9%
Pay Fees in USDT & CIX
Works with Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Google Pay
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