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Spot trading
Spot is the finest basic investment you can make. It’s the process of trading in Cryptocurrencies. The process of buying crypto and selling it when the prices rise. Where you’ll be owning the coin in real and holding it in your wallet.
CI offers you the opportunity to trade over 300 coins with low trading fees. You can HODL till you earn big profits, and even invest in new coins that you believe will their values will rise.
• Low trading fees
• Over 300 Coins
Futures Trading
Why wait for a coin to increase in value and only gain when holding it?
Going both Long and Short on a coin has never been easy.
Now with Futures trading with CI, you can buy and sell delivery dates or perpetual contracts with leverage up to 125x.
CI EX offers you the chance to trade more than 100 coins with super low fees and high liquidity to ensure a smooth trading experience.
And that’s not everything! CI also offers you guidance from a professional analytic team that will save the way to success and help you in generating good profit!
Margin trading allows the trader to acquire a greater sum of capital, which helps them realize larger profits. In fact, it is the same as spot trading but the only difference is that you multiply your profit and risk.
We offer you a broad range of crypto that you can trade with margin, multiplying your returns drastically up to x125, all of that with low trading fees.
• Low trading fees
• Up to 125 Leverage
What is better than one digital coin?
A basket of digital coins combined into one digital asset.
Yes, this is what CI EX offers you! A way to trade up to 5 ETFs on the platform and diversify your portfolio like never before.
Mix and match between different tokens and ETFs and construct a portfolio that matches your risk and return preference!
Trade and Pay without the intervention of a third party. CI platform ensures bulletproof and safe transactions for payments and withdrawals for all users.
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