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The First Blockchain
for Solopreneurs, Businesses, Corporations & Institutions to Increase your Payment Channels, Grow your Payment Acceptance, Enable your Partners & Team to Embrace the Power of Blockchain and Crypto.
Link to Pay
Grow Your Traditional and Digital Payment Acceptance
Gateway, Processor, Acquirer, through hassle Free Single Integration.
Grow your Digital Payment Channels.
Pay & Get Paid Instantly to Grow your E-Commerce Business.
Create a Link. Sell Anywhere
Use Payment Links to sell online without a website. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers [ No code required ]
Go Global
Pay out around the world
Accept payments in over 135 currencies and pay out fiat or crypto to your users in more than 50 countries with a single integration. In the US, you can also add funds from your bank account to your CI balance to send payouts that are not tied to CI 360° transactions. To start, global payouts require payments accepted with CI 360°
Send an invoice
Email your customer a unique link to a CI hosted invoice page from a custom email domain or Customers can also download a PDF invoice online. Each invoice is optimised for mobile, tablet, and desktop with a responsive design that offers Apple Pay or Google Pay
On average, your customers will pay 3x faster when paying with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Expence management

Efficient Business expense management

Steamline corporate financial management and track all business expenses in real-time

financial management
All In One solution to control corporate spending
Uploading invoices via mobile app for accounting
Payroll management
Streamline payroll and cut your costs
Media buying
Instant issuance of virtual cards to purchase online advertising
Payment approval
Confirming purchase requests from the employees
Budget managment
Integrated accounting service
Detailed information on all corporate expenses
Easy CRM
Including payment links, digital contrat & order management
Expense control
Transaction monitoring in real time and limit regulation
Corporate expense cards
Issuing physical & virtual cards with an IBAN account
Develop card programs, both physical and virtual, that have the ability to grow and expand seamlessly.
With CI 360° Issuing, you can effortlessly establish, oversee, and expand a business card program, covering everything from cost control to completing orders. Begin swiftly and tailor essential aspects such as card appearance and expenditure restrictions.
White-Label Solutions
Lauch your card program through our White-Label system!
Emphasize your brand idendtity and implement a unified CRM platform to manage your card program friendly and efficiently.
Case studies
Scale internationally Global from day one
Freelance services. Landscaping estimates. Wholesale orders. Membership dues. Music lessons.
Look Like a pro and get paid fast.
79% of invoices are paid within one day through CI 360° Invoicing service.
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