The Metaverse Revolution – Paris Edition
January 27 2022, 4.00 PM
DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has revolutionized financial services by eliminating trusted third parties and speeding up these transactions by making them more transparent (collecting interest, borrowing, lending, buying insurance, trading derivatives and assets, and much more).
The explosion of NFT in 2021 has allowed the exchange of more than 50 Billion EURO by digitizing this time art objects, music, photos or important acts.
The Metaverse gives a new confirmation to the decentralized world in which we could monetize these NFT by relying on the DEFI and Crypto ecosystem.
What opportunities will this new world offer us and how will it change our future?
To find out, Centurion Invest, a pioneer exchange aiming to democratize Blockchain, Crypto and DEFI invites you to this private seminar.
Centurion Invest offers unique and secure investment opportunities to its community, notably through its CIX Native Token where the "public sale" is scheduled for May 15th 2022.
The Future is NOW!
04.00 PM - 04.05 PM / 05.05 PM - 05.25 PM
04.00 PM
04.00 PM
VP Marketing & Digital Assets.

Introduction / Speakers presentation
CI Wallet / CI Exchange / CI 360 / CI Earn / CI Card
04.05 PM - 04.20 PM / 05.45 PM - 06.00 PM
04.05 PM
04.05 PM
Chairman of Centurion Group & Blockchain Expert.

Vision / Mission / Ecosystem / Impact of the Blockchain
CIX Token
04.20 PM - 05.05 PM
04.20 PM
04.20 PM
Audiovisual Creative & NFT Expert.

Blockchain / Smart Contact / NFT / Impact of the Blockchain
05.25 PM - 05.45 PM
05.25 PM
05.25 PM
CEO, Wisecome, President Comex 40-Medef

Impact NFT / Crypto Buying Habits / Transformation Challenges : Brands, Events, Arts
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