Tomorrow Conference - Belgrade
May 13th to 15th, 2022
Belgrade, Serbia
Centurion Invest continues its journey to support the blockchain and the fastest growing Crypto community around the globe, we take our highest pride in keeping our vision laser-focused on making crypto trading, DeFi, and NFT Investments easy, simple, and accessible to the community.
In this endeavor, Centurion Invest proudly announces its support to Europe’s biggest NFT/Crypto/Metaverse Conference - Tomorrow Conference (#TMRW), Belgrade as one of the distinguished sponsors.
TMRW 2022 is set to gather the world-leading blockchain companies and influential experts that will demonstrate the transformative, cross-sector power of the most disruptive technology since the internet.
100+ speakers with solid expertise in the field, 2 500 in-person attendees, and 15 000+ online viewers are expected to attend the event. Everyone is invited – from crypto newbies to crypto veterans. In the span of three days, the attendees will have the chance to meet other like-minded crypto enthusiasts and attend many keynote lectures on the latest trends in blockchain, Мetaverse, and NFT technology.
Join us and be part of the exclusive journey designed to empower a new generation of traders and crypto savvy investors, and earn loads of rewards and benefits by just leveraging the power of the native utility token of the CI ecosystem.
Centurion Invest is excited to offer every TMRW visitor 100 $USDT in their CI Wallets to start their trading experience on our trading platform - CIex.
Moreover, CIEx offers a 20% discount on all trading fees, ZERO deposit fees, and many other rebates. Along with these benefits and rewards, the visitors will have exclusive access to participate in CI’s high return, most flexible, secured yield aggregation and farming programs.
If you have any queries or need any further information, please reach out to one of the many CI Investment experts present at the event.

Let’s dive deeper into the vast world of crypto and blockchain with Centurian Invest and explore the future possibilities and potential the metaverse and NFTs hold for us!
Chief Strategy Officer, Centurion Invest

Chief Information Officer, Centurion Invest

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